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Nashville Notebook by David Bersell

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Ursus Americanus Press is proud to present David Bersell's Nashville Notebook. David is a writer living and working in Brooklyn. Alternating between flash essays and journal entries, Bersell explores the loneliness and ecstasy of a young writer in his prose, simultaneously toeing the rocks at the bottom and pulling hard towards the surface. Honest, sharp, and intimate, Nashville Notebook is stains of regret and signs of redemption delivered at close range with full eye-contact. Look back.

"I am 28 and live in Nashville, Tennessee, where I help run a restaurant. An independent press just agreed to publish my first book.

It's the day after Halloween. I'm writing in a yellow notebook made from a vintage picture book. 'Christmas, 1959 Mike from Grandmother.'

I’m writing about falling apart, writing for the first time in years. Because it's the only way I know how to save myself."