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Wave Function by Coco M. Keehl

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That our bodies (and everything they touch) are malleable collections of particles, that time and our perception of it are fictions, that location is only fixed by semiotics are ever-compounding propositions of sciences both hard and soft. In Coco M. Keehl’s WAVE FUNCTION, these very propositions are broken open across the page, subjectivity is magnified to its molecule, spacetime is breached by the poem’s ability to trespass modes of containment. When the speaker asks “How do you know what altered state you’re in?” they are also giving permission to enter the poems themselves. The reader is invoked, like an incantation, to the spectral, discorporate field of Keehl’s language where every object, sense, and action are codified and decodified, where meaning is both metastatic and implosive, where every word hinges on the inevitability of its own collapse. Wave Function, like the universe, is a terminal text, expanding and exhaling unto its own finality.
Coco M. Keehl is a poet living in the forests of Michigan with her dog, Carver. She is founder of GRAVITON, a science inspired poetry magazine. Find more of her work on Twitter @cmkeehl or at cmkeehl.tumblr.com.
from "Undiscovered Subatomic Particles"

"Dark matter can’t be found
if it doesn’t exist or
god where be energy or
the physics of heat

& I rippled two black holes in & out unending infinites
every entropy
used to measure the rearrangement
I rearrange then
myself easier to remove
unbreak reorder was once
three in womb
but came in two it did

not surprise me to learn
I was twinned. Here is
my hand & here
other palm to your shoulder
you surrender to god
so what

what makes you think
what makes you think
my questioning
is weakness?"