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A Brief Way to Identify a Body by Devon Balwit

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Inspired by lines of Sylvia Plath, Balwit's poems interweave current events within the multifaceted experiences of a teacher, poet, parent, and flotsam in the techno-global maelstrom. Balwit's work is equal parts somatic and cerebral, wrapping itself around your heart even as it writhes around your neck.
Devon Balwit teaches in Portland, OR.
from "O my God, What Am I"

"Have twins and you are queened,
birth more, a sow,

the small sucklers’ upturned faces

Don’t make it look too easy—you—
tail lifted in heat,

each long schlong thrusting. Coyly,
devote a week,

a month, a year. Bemoan your delicacy,
the way you spread

legs only for God and Country. Bite
your lip so as not

to shout, coming become jouissance,
the smallest shiver.

Take the babies round singly
in a covered pram.

Maybe, then, the neighbors will lose count
and call you ordinary."