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Gutterboy Rides Again by C.T. McGaha



Ursus Americanus Press is excited to announce that C.T. McGaha’s Gutterboy Rides Again will be the second chapbook in our catalogue. C.T. is a writer from Charlotte, NC. He’s the founder and co-editor of Vanilla Sex Magazine.
McGaha’s strength lies in his vulnerable honesty, balancing self-deprecation with self-awareness in a way that makes the reader feel comfortable laughing at all the wrong times. Straightforward and sincere, goofy and grinning, Gutterboy Rides Again feels like a bleary-eyed, burnt-coffee conversation with your best friend on the porch of your rented townhouse, but one where he pulls out some of his closet’s skeletons in confidence. Whether stuck on the ledge of the crumbling parking garage and navigating the mental barrage of pop culture afterimages and gnawing personal doubts, McGaha’s poetry asks us a question profound in its simplicity: do you love?